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We're committed to both our clients and candidates because we believe that, like an equation, the recruitment process must be balanced, equitable and satisfying to all.

Tarnow excels in analyzing and defining needs, from senior executive levels down. We are experts in identifying, selecting and attracting high-caliber individuals capable of top-level performance to meet those needs, as well as aligning teams throughout the organization.

As the search takes on a shape and form, we begin screening candidates by conducting personal, face to face interviews to assess the qualifications of each individual. We then provide you with detailed profiles of the leading candidates so that you can select the person you think is best suited for the position. Working together, we review our recommendations and your selections to find those people that are right or your company.

Our success rate has been exceptional. Even in positions demanding highly specialized individuals, Tarnow has been able to locate and recruit candidates to meet our clients high standards.

All searches are conducted with complete confidentiality. We locate, interview, shortlist and report on candidates, but the final decision must always be the clients with our advice and help if requested.

But our involvement does not end there. We know from experience that the first few months are an adjustment for both you and the executive, and we work hard to facilitate a common understanding regarding his or her new role, expectations and performance. We will follow up with you and the candidate on a regular basis to be sure that the transition is smooth for both the company and the new hire.

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